human value


Relocating key European Union institutions to Brussels
Unifying currencies
Fostering regional international integration
Ensuring freedom of association for workers
Securing bomb-grade nuclear material from the former Soviet Union
Creating Western Community
Creating interregional community
Creating American Union
Developing trade union policies on sustainable development
Creating transatlantic community
Facilitating exchange on training for sustainability
Fostering trade union participation in sustainable development programmes
Expanding trade union participation in sustainable development
Imitating Christ
Establishing joint trade union/employer policies for the work environment
Establishing community credit union
Activating commercial cooperative union
Organizing community trading company
Developing union participation
Reducing trade union meetings
Engaging in trade union rivalry
Reducing trade union rivalry
Abolishing unethical trade union practices
Exposing violation of trade union rights
Closing union shops
Denying right to trade union activity
Denying right of trade union association
Denying right to protection of trade union leaders
Combating discrimination in employment
Taking illegal trade union action
Taking trade union action
Forming commercial union
Claiming intimidation of trade union organizers
Protecting trade union leaders
Correcting misconduct of trade union representatives
Prosecuting misconduct of trade union representatives
Proposing union policies
Influencing proposed union policies
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values