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Indifferent people
Dependence on indifference

Indifference may refer to:

Apathy, a psychological attitude A concept of beneficial detachment in Ignatian spirituality Indifference (album), 1985 album by the Proletariat, or the title song "Indifference" (Law & Order), 1990 episode of the television series Law & Order "Indifference" (The Walking Dead), 2013 episode of the television series The Walking Dead Indifference curve, in microeconomic theory, a graph describing consumer preferences Principle of indifference, in probability theory, a rule for assigning epistemic probabilities A song on the band Pearl Jam's second album Vs. In Catholicism, indifferentism, the belief which holds that no religion is superior to another

A study revealed that the New York Times ran 811 stories on the plight of European Jewry from November 1941 - November 1944; that these pieces ran 3 out of every 4 days; that on April 6, 1942 clear evidence of mass exterminations was reported; and that by June 30, 1942 the paper reported the death of one million Jews. But little play was given this news. There were no banner headlines, few front page articles, and few editorials. A 1983 UN study predicted a widespread famine in Ethiopia and Sudan if measures were not taken to rectify the situation; Pol Pot's regime massacred 2 million Cambodians as the news was reported to the world; and Amnesty International cites more than 50 countries where torture is a routine course of events.

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