human value


Studying lifestyles
Expressing gender nonconformity
Researching cross-cultural differences in road safety
Promoting sustainability through cross-sectoral dialogue
Using comparative sociology
Converting military research and development to civilian purposes
Adopting cross-cultural behavioural nuances to succeed in respective cultures
Cross-ventilating buildings
Using ethnobotany
Creating cross-border regional economic agreements for biodiversity conservation
Educating cross-culturally
Organizing information needed for development purposes
Ensuring inter-community cooperation
Ensuring inter-community cooperation
Arranging cross-class schedule
Expanding cross-cultural exposure
Eliminating infectious disease spread
Providing conditions for dialogue between different perspectives
Relating cross-culturally
Developing new social institutions
Procuring cross-cultural wisdom
Organizing cross-cultural endeavours
Enabling cross-cultural fertilization
Diverting resources for military purposes
Preventing unlawful cross-border commerce
Researching cross-frontier crime
Trading across borders
Engaging in cross-border military operations
Reinvesting military capacity in civil goals
Minimizing cross-border violence
Using scarce petroleum resources for military purposes
Using physics for unethical purposes
Exploiting for medical purposes
Educating for illegal purposes
Purifying for ritual purposes
Improving ability to use land for agricultural purposes
Improving methods for military reconversion to peaceful purposes
Resisting military reconversion to peaceful purposes
Limiting cross-island access
Increasing cross-island access
Neutralizing negative impact of cross-border trade
Organizing red cross international relief
Organizing cross-national research
Promoting cross-cultural correctional research
Developing purposes
Strengthening red cross unity
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values