human value


Monitoring international conventions
Monitoring rights of the child
Monitoring implementation of strategies
Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of national shelter strategies
Convening a high-level special session to assess Agenda 21 progress
Improving project programmes
Ensuring implementation of labour laws
Monitoring implementation of international environmental agreements
Implementing international commitments jointly
Supporting preparation and implementation of national programmes to reduce poverty
Supervising application of standards of workers rights
Tackling global debt issue
Coordinating United Nations system-wide implementation of Agenda 21
Monitoring implementation of Agenda 21 in respect of availability of financial resources
Establishing reporting systems on implementation of international instruments for sustainable development
Developing implementation mechanisms for international law on sustainable development
Involving indigenous peoples in planning national policies
Establishing national mechanisms for coordinating implementation of Agenda 21
Preparing national action plans for implementing Agenda 21
Noting NGO initiatives on implementation of Agenda 21
Establishing a regional mechanism for countries to review implementation of Agenda 21
Modifying regional and sub-regional programmes to improve implementation of Agenda 21
Considering results of Agenda 21 reviews by NGOs
Outsourcing government regulatory responsibilities
Involving workers in the design and implementation of environmental training programmes
Monitoring implementation of education proposals in Agenda 21
Including NGOs in assessment of the implementation of Agenda 21
Funding NGOs to monitor and assess the implementation of Agenda 21
Discerning additional implementation ideas
Enabling procedural alternatives in judicial process
Agreeing executive authority for implementation of collective will
Requiring particular knowledge before implementation of resource use
Demonstrating practical implementation of corporate decisions
Creating social framework
Neglecting implementation of austerity measures in debtor countries
Reporting negligent implementation of austerity measures in debtor countries
Ensuring difference between objectives and implementation
Minimizing disparity between vision and actuality
Reducing delay in project implementation
Delaying project implementation
Reducing delay in implementation of commitments
Delaying implementation of commitments
Delaying implementation of social change
Coping with inadequate implementation of development programmes
Improving implementation of development programmes
Providing inadequate implementation of human rights treaty provisions
Improving implementation of programmes against problems
Implementing community decisions
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values