human value


Forming NGO umbrella organizations
Forming intentional external relations
Forming intentional communities
Forming transnational economy
Forming technology development partnerships
Integrating global society
Forming rural electricity cooperatives
Forming single-parent families
Establishing free trade area
Forming families
Creating community land trust
Overcoming drug habit
Creating community
Facilitating development of rural workers organizations
Forming defence alliance
Forming global investment laws
Twinning housing blocks
Forming consortia
Cooperating for sustainable development
Forming consciences regarding value of human life
Forming regular music entertainment
Forming unified resident cooperation
Organizing groups
Forming public swimming area
Linking needed business expertise
Forming neighbourhood care groups
Effecting metal crafts
Forming business management group
Forming comprehensive funding committee
Transmitting local cultural heritage
Forming diverse activity groups
Forming legal opinion
Recognizing future possibilities for meaningful involvement
Developing historic cohesion of government
Establishing community care network
Forming worker organizations
Forming cooperative equipment pool
Forming functional management practices
Expanding basic community structures
Establishing new small industries
Forming sustaining care structures
Forming town purchasing cooperative
Forming corporate organizational activities
Forming available public space
Forming construction company
Forming corporate leadership groups
Forming practical transportation system
Forming grassroots engagement networks
Forming commercial activities association
Forming local development association
Forming internal communications networks
Forming special interest groups
Forming tourist resort complex
Organizing community trading company
Forming corporate service enterprises
Forming residential work corps
Forming engaged community forces
Forming citizens' planning structures
Forming inclusive work groups
Forming wholesome human environment
Forming social aggregations
Moulding emerging generation
Forming alliances
Developing human resources
Planning local action
Forming public conference
Forming public conference
Forming legislative bodies
Forming geographical alliances
Forming political alliances
Forming secret societies
Operating a monopoly
Forming world-wide social change coalitions
Correcting habit of creating problems
Forming representative control of international monetary system
Prohibiting addictive drugs
Defining national boundaries
Forming cliques
Making badly
Studying diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
Correcting blood disorders
Stopping smoking
Forming commercial union
Forming political ties
Forming opinions
Providing volunteer assistance for prisoners
Forming insurance cooperatives
Forming international friendships
Forming enduring friendship
Addiction, drug abuse
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values