human value


Networking school systems
Setting electronic communication standards
Popularizing development communication
Improving access to information for the handicapped
Developing communication media for women
Planning for communication development
Accessing biological collections
Training communication professionals
Setting communication standards
Assessing socio-cultural impact of communication technologies
Using appropriate standards and communication protocols for electronic communication on the environment
Coordinating interchange of nuclear expertise
Involving women in development of communication
Providing communication access for all
Desseminating environmental news online
Providing sufficient communication
Protecting privacy of communications
Standardizing hazard communication terminology
Enhancing global security through communication
Developing communication and information policy
Researching aviation recording systems
Exchanging best practices for information technology
Advancing technical writing
Improving communication within companies
Expanding basic communication wisdom
Interpreting communication using reflexive classification
Expanding urban communication service
Building dependable mass communication
Developing communication practices
Providing communication services
Facilitating rapid local communication
Enabling communication
Determining possible patterns of expression
Furnishing quick public communication
Teaching adult communication skills
Furnishing modernized communication systems
Providing means of conscious communication of belief
Restricting communication to human experiences
Providing standard communication pattern
Providing restricted communication
Perceiving communication process
Engaging significant communication
Utilizing electronic communication systems
Opening communication channels
Creating communication instruments
Launching communication network
Intentionalizing personal communication
Establishing judicial communication
Using broadcasting media for education
Identifying obstacles to satellite communications
Avoiding polarizing communication
Studying communications methods
Improving communications
Improving communications networks in rural areas
Reducing prejudice against communication by visual imagery
Reducing communication with foreigners
Encouraging communication with foreigners
Restricting communication
Risking health in transport, storage and communication industries
Reducing health risks to workers in transport, storage and communication industries
Constraining communication
Facilitating communication
Undertaking development of communication technology
Abolishing unethical practices in communication
Providing fair modes of communication
Using untried communication methods
Protecting against vulnerability of marine animal communication
Communicating between generations
Overcoming language as a barrier to communication
Using language as a barrier to communication
Restoring communication breakdown
Reducing discriminatory communication
Ensuring universal distribution of communication resources and facilities
Exploiting disparities in global distribution of communication resources and facilities
Maintaining disparities in global distribution of communication resources and facilities
Using communication channels
Monitoring of communication by governments
Reducing communication delays
Delaying communication
Bridging generation communication gap
Hindering communication
Using communication systems illegally
Reducing limitation of communication by illiteracy
Improving intra-family communication
Improving inter-village communication
Communicating with employees
Improving satellite capacity for telecommunications
Coping with inadequate development of national communication services
Improving development of national communication services
Improving development of national communication services
Increasing effectiveness of communication
Requiring communication skills
Stimulating office communication
Improving communication between decision-makers and grassroots
Claiming intimidatory communication
Breaking down communication isolation
Abstaining from effective communication
Providing sufficient international communication
Abstaining from international communication
Providing sufficient management communication skills
Abstaining from management communication skills
Developing information infrastructure
Developing communication networks
Computerizing communication systems
Providing alternative communication network
Studying satellite communication
Improving worldwide communication
Developing communication seminars
Improving lateral communication
Coordinating two way amateur radio communication
Enhancing communication skills
Increasing communication
Facilitating international communication
Developing communication
Effecting communication
Developing lines of communication
Producing communication materials
Developing computer communication systems
Integrating broadband communication
Encouraging scientific communication
Improving third world communication
Encouraging communication among physicists
Advancing marine engineering
Assisting communication
Globalizing communication
Strengthening communication
Imparting communication skills
Networking airline communication professionals
Promoting communication among engineers
Promoting effective communication
Professionalizing scientific communication
Exchanging adult educators
Establishing radio communication
Computerizing communication
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values