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Related Problems:
Infected cats
Infected dogs
Infected pigs
Infected birds
Disorders of the skin
Infected cattle
Infected horses
Diseases and injuries of the brain
Viral diseases
Infected animals
Infectious revenge
Pathogenic organisms
Bacterial disease
Eye diseases and disorders
Diseases of the ear
Infectious diarrhoeas
Diseases of the respiratory system
Viral diseases in animals
Infectious drinking water
Gastrointestinal disorders
Infectious diseases in animals
Iatrogenic disease
Infectious diseases
Disease vectors
Food-borne diseases
Introduction of extraterrestrial infectious diseases and bacteria
Postoperative wound infection
Inadequate disinfection measures for humans during animal disease outbreaks
Pasteurella antipestifer infection
Brucella ovis infection
Foetal infection
Battey infection
Infection of the throat
Infection of the tonsils
Canine parvoviral infection
Infectious laryngotracheitis in poultry
Digestive tract helminthiasis of poultry
Viral encephalitis
Clostridial infections
Swine kidney worm infection
E coli infection
Feline infectious peritonitis
Congenital anomalies due to infectious diseases in animals
Fungal diseases of animals
Pulmonary fungal disease
Staphylococcus infection
Foot rot of cattle
Inadequate disinfection of pastureland after disease outbreak
Virus diseases in protozoa
Health risks to organ recipients
Pollution of water by infected faeces
Nail infection
Leptospirosis in dogs
Ante-partum infection
AIDS orphans
Manson's eyeworm infection in poultry
Streptococcus infection
Canine herpesviral infection
Heterosexual infection of women with AIDS
Infectious coryza in poultry
Acute respiratory infections
Brucellosis in animals
Arizona infection of poultry
Inadequate disinfection measures for animal housing and equipment
Infectious bronchitis in poultry
Equine viral rhinopneumonitis
Fluke infections in birds
Human immunodeficiency virus infection
Viral arthritis in poultry
Infectious proteins
Infectious laryngotracheitis
Histomoniasis in poultry
Viral hepatitis
Infection of the sinuses
Visceral larva migrans
Pyogenic infections
Pork tapeworm
Pox virus infection in cats
Infected animal, meat and animal product shipments
Canine heartworm infections
Reemerging infectious diseases
Type A viral hepatitis
Fungal diseases
Strep throat
Erysipelothrix infection
Use of unsterilized equipment
Glässer's disease
Small-strongyle infection of horses
Infectious mononucleosis
Equine infectious anaemia
Mycoplasma synoviae infection of poultry
Infectious necrotic hepatitis
Susceptibility to infection
Tinea blanca
Chilomastix infection
Urinary tract infections
Infectious canine hepatitis
Mycoplasma meleagridis infection of turkeys
Cyclospora infection
Bodily discharges from infection
Large-strongyle infections of horses
Tapeworm as a parasite
Infectious bovine rhinotrancheitis
Giant kidney worm infection in dogs
Amniotic fluid infection
Gapeworm infection
Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in poultry
Ulcenomembranous stomatitis in animals
Infectious bursal disease of chickens
Rotaviral infections in chickens
Parafilaria infection
Feline panleukopenia
Nasal infections
Pneumococcus infection
Carelessness in dealing with infectious patients
Pityriasis versicolour
Gastrointestinal infections in animals due to parasites
Paratyphoid infection in poultry
Infections of joints
Monkeys as reservoirs of infection
Feline infectious anaemia
Haemophilus septicaemia of cattle
Stomach worm infections of swine
Infectious keratoconjunctivitis in animals
Porcine streptococcal infections
Canine infectious cyclic thrombocytopenia
Infection of industrial water supplies
Infectious tracheobronchitis of dogs
Trematode diseases
Chlamydid infections in animals
Lungworm infection
Infected sheep
Avian vibrionic hepatitis
Adenovirus infections
Fighting dracunculosis
Preventing further incidence of AIDS
Reducing filarial infections
Using vaccines to prevent communicable diseases
Reducing prevalence of schistosomiasis
Ensuring clean drinking water
Reducing vulnerability of women and children to HIV infection
Supporting people with AIDS
Providing access to treatment for acute respiratory infections
Educating about respiratory illness
Researching opportunistic diseases
Reducing incidence of infections
Eliminating infectious disease spread
Researching nuisance organisms in drinking water
Studying pathogenic viruses
Destroying pathogenic organisms
Insisting on compulsory vaccination
Treating brain damage
Studying infectious diseases in animals
Studying infectious and parasitic diseases
Transmitting disease
Studying extraterrestrial infectious diseases and bacteria
Correcting eye disorders
Treating respiratory tract illness
Treating illnesses due to contaminated foods
Treating illnesses due to contaminated foods
Treating infected cats
Treating infected dogs
Treating infected pigs
Treating infected birds
Treating infected cattle
Treating infected horses
Treating infected animals
Treating bacterial infections
Treating infection of the ear
Treating infectious diarrhoeas
Treating viral infections
Treating gastro-intestinal infections
Treating infections acquired in hospital
Treating infectious and parasitic diseases
Isolating agents carrying infectious diseases
Reducing incidence of viral infections
Reducing incidence of infectious diseases in animals
Reducing incidence of bacterial infections
Reducing incidence of infectious diarrhoeas
Reducing incidence of respiratory infections
Reducing incidence of gastro-intestinal infections
Reducing incidence of infectious and parasitic diseases
Reducing incidence of food-borne infections and intoxications
Treating diseases of the skin
Preventing surgical infections
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values