human value


Other Names:
Related Problems:
Social invisibility
Unrecognized opportunities
Underutilization of locally available skills
Non-recognition of problems
Unrecognized needs for growth
Underutilization of potential in local communities
Underutilization of potential in local communities
Minimum promotion of community assets
Minimum promotion of community assets
Denial of state's rights
Unrecognized relevance of education
Undeveloped channels for commercial initiative
Non-recognition of international law
Incomplete understanding of new societal service systems
Non-recognition of foreign governments
Non-recognition of foreign governments
Thwarted cooperative success
Limited functional abilities
Inadequate community policing
Unrecognized future financial commitments
Reluctance to join in community action
Lack of appreciation of cultural differences
Incomplete utilization of external relations
Non-recognition of health problems by the medical profession
Unrecognized animal diseases
Illegal marriage
Internationally unrecognized nations
Unrecognized value of training
Structural amnesia in institutional systems
Restrictions on recognition of nationality
Delay in recognition of patents
Unrecognized possibilities for training in urban areas
Lack of trade union recognition
Limited recognition of international nongovernmental organizations
Minorities unrecognized by government
Personal need for recognition
Lack of appreciation for nuclear weapons
Unsatisfied recreational needs
Unrecognized input benefits
Inadequate recognition by institutions of the transition through adolescence
Retrospective pollution liability
Infrequent honour singing
Denial of right to recognition as a person before the law
Unrecognized importance of organization
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values