Assisting return of highly skilled expatriates

Many developing countries lack highly-skilled workers. To add to this short-coming, highly-skilled personnel from developing countries may emigrate to countries with better opportunities for them. Such migration is commonly known as the brain drain. One way to facilitate the need for high-level personnel in developing countries may be by encouraging the return of expatriates with desirable professional qualifications and practical experience.
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is implementing programmes for the return of skilled personnel in Latin America and Africa, whilst some programmes may be developed for certain Asian countries. IOM: assists in identifying a post commensurate with the returnee's qualifications (for which local candidates are lacking); informs recruited potential returnees about employment and living conditions; preselects candidates based on their merit with regard to the proposed employment offer; prepares all the necessary paper work required for their return; organizes their return and reception; provides reintegration assistance. 1993 IOM activities in the field included among others, a Khmer Expert Programme to return skilled nationals back to Cambodia.
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D: Detailed strategies
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