Undertaking Asian studies

Encouraging Far Eastern scholarship
Researching South Asia
Studying Asia
Informing about Asia
International Union for Oriental and Asian Studies
Latin American Association for Asian and African Studies
Nordic Association for Southeast Asian Studies
Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions
European Association for South-East Asian Studies
Association of Asia Pacific Airlines
Society for Research in Asiatic Music
AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center
Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver
European Association for South Asian Studies
European Society for Central Asian Studies
Asia Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine
Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia
Asia-Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions
Association of Asian Social Science Research Councils
Association of East Asian Research Universities
Association of Development Research and Training Institutes of Asia and the Pacific
South East Asian Central Banks - SEACEN - Research and Training Centre
Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program Foundation
Asian and Pacific Federation of Organizations for Cancer Research and Control
Asian Sleep Research Society
Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Asia-Oceania Association for the Study of Obesity
Asia-Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies
Asian Federation of Middle Eastern Studies Associations
Asia Pacific Peace Research Association
South Asian Association for Women's Studies
Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research
Asia Evangelistic Commission
Asian Centre for Organization, Research and Development
SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts
Nordic Association for South Asian Studies
Forestry Research Support Programme for Asia and the Pacific
Asian-Pacific Regional Research and Training Centre for Integrated Fish Farming
Association of Asian-Pacific Operational Research Societies within IFORS
International Institute for Central Asian Studies, Samarkand
Association for the Study of Australasia in Asia
Asian Media Information and Communication Centre
Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Secondary Crops Development in Asia and the Pacific
Asian Regional Institute for School Building Research
ASEAN Crops Post-Harvest Programme
International Institute for Labour, Development and Cooperative Studies
International Congress of Asian and North African Studies
Cooperative Program in Technological Research and Higher Education in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
European Institute for Asian Studies
Asian Women's Research and Action Network
Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology in Asia
Asian Network on Sericulture Research and Development
Service and Research Foundation of Asia on Family and Culture
Asian Network for Innovative Training Research and Action Trust
Network of Research, Training and Information Institutes on Human Settlements in Asia and the Pacific
Asian Fisheries Social Science Research Network
Asian Cassava Research Network
Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women
Asia-Pacific Migration Research Network
Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research
Initiative in Research and Education for Development in Asia
Society for Participatory Research in Asia
Pacific Asian Consortium for International Business Education and Research
Indo-American Centre for International Studies
Northwest Regional Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies
Asian Program for the Advancement of Training and Studies
Asian Research Centre for Migration
British Association for South Asian Studies
Asia Administration Research Institute
Research and Information Center for Asian Studies
Southeast Asian Research Review and Advisory Group
Contemporary Europe Research Centre, Melbourne
Institute of Asian Cultural Studies, Tokyo
Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, Seoul
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Japanese Association for South Asian Studies
Asian Studies Association of Australia
Asian Affairs Research Council
Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies
Kansai Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
Southeast Asia Council Association for Asian Studies
Walter H Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center
Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, Middle East and Central Asia
Centre for Asian Studies, Austin TX
Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, Austin TX
Russian and East European Network Information Center
Institute of Asian Studies, Seoul
Regional Centre for Strategic Studies, Colombo
North Carolina Center for South Asia Studies
Centre for the Study of Australia-Asia Relations
Institute of Asian Research, Vancouver BC
Canadian Asian Studies Association
Vietnamese and South-East Asian Research Center
Centre for South Asian Studies, Edinburgh
Hydrometeorological Research Institute of Uzhydromet
Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto
Japan Association for Asian Studies
Centre of Central Asian Studies, Islamabad
Singapore Society of Asian Studies
University of Toronto-York University Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies
Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, Eugene OR
Documentation Centre on Asian Studies, New Delhi
Centre of South Asian Studies, Cambridge
Institute for Asian Studies at Asia University
Institute of Asian Studies at Soka University
Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies
Institute of East Asian Studies, Bangkok
Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Canberra
Research Institute for Southeast Asia, Marseille
Centre for Pacific Asia Studies, Stockholm
International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden
Institute of South-East Asian Studies, Nagasaki
Asian Studies Centre
Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University
Monash Asia Institute
Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, Clayton
Asian Studies Center, Michigan
Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Beijing
South Asian Studies Institute, Beijing
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Guangzhou
Centre for Asia Minor Studies, Athens
Centre for South-East Asian Studies, Pekanbaru
Centre for East Asian Economic and Social Studies
International Research Centre for Japanese Studies
Institute of West Asian and African Studies, Beijing
Center for Asian Studies, Tempe
Asian Studies Center, Pittsburgh
Centre for Asian Legal Studies, Vancouver
Institute of Asian Studies, Tokyo
Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies
Association for Asian Studies, Ann Arbor
Central Asia Research Institute for Irrigation
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
Centre for African Studies, Lisbon
Institute of Economic Growth - Research Centre on Social and Economic Development in Asia
South Asian Women's Studies and Support Group
Centre for South Asian Studies, Lahore
Center for Southeast Asia Studies, Berkeley CA
Center for South Asia Studies, Berkeley
Institute of African and Asian Studies, Khartoum
International Centre for Asian Studies
Centre for Islamic, Middle Eastern and Asian Studies, Planning and Publications, Durban
Institute of Asian Studies, Chicago IL
Asia Centre for Theological Studies and Mission
Asian Research Service
Institute of International Relations for Advanced Studies on Peace and Development in Asia
Centre for Asian Studies, Amsterdam
International Institute for Advanced Asian Studies
Center for North-East Asian Studies, Ulaanbaatar
Centre for Asian and Latin American Studies, Guadalajara
Institute of North-East Asian Studies, Seoul
Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies, Yogyakarta
Centre for South, Central South East-Asian and South-West Pacific Studies, New Delhi
Center for East Asian Studies, New Delhi
Centre for West Asian and African Studies, New Delhi
Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies for UNESCO, Tokyo
Asian American Studies Institute, University of Connecticut
School of African and Asian Studies, Sussex
Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, Bangkok
Institute of East Asian Studies, Berkeley CA
Centre for Asian Studies
Nautilus Institute
Institute of South Asian Studies, Strasbourg
Institute for Northeast Asian Studies, Regina
Centre for East Asian Research, Montreal
National Centre for South Asian Studies, Clayton
Centre for East Asian Studies, Clayton
Centre for the Study of Asia and the Middle East, Geelong
School of Russian and Asian Studies, Cambridge MA
Center for Southeast Asian Studies, De Kalb IL
South Asian Studies Association of Australia
Pacific Asian Studies Association
Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research
Center for Asian and African Studies, Mexico
Centre for Studies on Asia and Oceania, Havana
Center for South Asian Studies, Honolulu HI
Scientific Research Centre for Africa and Asia
Centre of Asian Studies, Hong Kong
Centre for Asian Studies
Centre for South-East Asian Studies, Hull
Geoinformatics Center
Centre for East Asian Studies, Montreal
Centre for China and Asian Studies
Asia Pacific Social Development Research Centre
Institute of Afro-Asian Studies, Beijing
Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, Canterbury
Centre for South, South-East and Central Asian Studies
Committee on Women in Asian Studies
Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies
Institute of Asian and African Studies
Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia
Institute for East Asian Studies, Seoul
Institute for Asian Studies, Madras
Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
Center of Asian and Pacific Studies, Iowa City
East Asian Studies Center, Bloomington
Institute for Asian Studies, Portland
Center for South Asian Studies, Charlottesville VA
Asia Pacific Research Institute, Wellington
Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies Waseda University
Australia South Asia Research Centre
Asian Studies Network Information Center
New Zealand Asian Studies Society
Research School of Asian, African and Amerindian Studies
Society for South Asian Studies
Indian Society for Afro-Asian Studies
Asian-Pacific Operations Research Centre, Beijing
Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies
Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa
Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia
Institute for Participatory Research in Asia, India
Asia-Pacific Network on Research and Development of Rainfed Agriculture
Asian Sweetpotato and Potato Research and Development Network
Asia-Pacific Energy Research Centre
Institute of Asian Studies, Jiangsu
West Asia and North Africa Centre for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study in Seed Science and Technology
Regional Centre for Urgent Research in South-East Asia
Southeast Asian Vegetable Research Network
Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Development
American Association for International Aging
Asia Food and Nutrition Research Institute
Asian Community International Policy Research Centre
California Institute of Integral Studies
National Centre for South Asian Studies
Biogas Research and Training Centre for Asia and the Pacific
Institute for Advanced Research in Asian Science and Medicine
Asian Cinema Studies Society
Association for Central Asian Studies
South Asia Center, University of Philadelphia
Asian/Pacific Basin Program
Network Pacific Asia
Inter-University Centre for Latin American, African and Asian Studies
Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Hanoi
South Asian Community Centre for Education and Research
Association for South Asian Studies, Osaka
Third World Development Studies for Better Asian Life
International Association for the Study of the Cultures of Central Asia
Asian Christian Centre for Women's Studies
Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University
International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development, Kitakyushu
Central Asian Research Institute of the Silk Industry
Central Asian Research Institute of Natural Gas
Centre for Research in Asian Migration, Coventry
Research Institute of Asian Women
Research Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia, Vienna
Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific, Sydney
Asian Commerce and Economic Studies Centre
Central Asian Plague Prevention Research Institute
East Asia Nature Conservation Research Monitoring and Training Centre
Asia Pacific Financial Markets Research Centre
Asia-Pacific Research Institute
Asia Pacific Legal Institute
National Bureau of Asian Research
Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies
Asia Pacific International University, San Francisco CA
Pacific Research Institute for Information Systems and Management
Center for South Asia, Madison WI
Pacific Asian Management Institute, Hawaii
Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific
Regional convention on the recognition of studies, diplomas and degrees in higher education in Asia and the Pacific
Corporation for Participative Research in Asia, India
International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine
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