Informing about Asia

Exchanging Asian information
Facilitated by:
Undertaking Asian studies
Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture
Asian Lutheran Coordination and Information Board
Southeast Asian Medical Information Centre
Asian Media Information and Communication Centre
Intergovernmental Organization for Marketing Information and Technical Advisory Services for Fishery Products in the Asia and Pacific Region
Scientific Information Centre of Interstate Coordination Water Commission of Central Asia
Geotechnical Engineering - International Resources Centre
UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Communication and Information
Asian Network for Industrial Technology Information and Extension
Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experience in Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific
Asia-Pacific Information Network in Social Sciences
ESCAP/FAO/UNIDO Fertilizer Advisory, Development and Information Network for Asia and the Pacific
Women's Information Network for Asia and the Pacific
Asia-Pacific Population Information Network
Asian and Pacific Skill Development Information Network
Asian-Pacific Information Network on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Regional Informatics Network in South and Central Asia
Network of Research, Training and Information Institutes on Human Settlements in Asia and the Pacific
Asian-Pacific News Network
Southeast Asian Network for a Geological Information System
Population Information Network for Western Asia
WHO South-East Asia Region Health Literature, Library and Information Services Network
Asian Research Centre for Migration
Research and Information Center for Asian Studies
Information Unit on Militarization and Demilitarization in Asia
Asian Students Information Centre
Asia Pacific Human Rights Information Center
Regional Information Service Centre for Southeast Asia on Appropriate Technology
Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe
Asian-Pacific Network Information Centre
Asian Copper Information Centre, Sydney
Asian Studies Network Information Center
Shelter Information Network
Earth Space Information Network for Asia and the Pacific
Southeast Asian Mathematical Information Centre, Hong Kong
Agricultural Information Network for West Asia and North Africa
East and South East-Asia Population Information Network
South Asia Population Information Network
Information Centre on Health for the Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan
Information Center for Women from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe
Asia-Pacific Institute of Information Technology
Southeast Asia Information Network
Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network
Asian Technology Information Programme
Asian Geophysical Information Centre
South Asian Agricultural Information Centre
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G: Very Specific strategies