Fostering trade
Fostering vocation
Developing culture
Fostering children
Creating dependency
Promoting excellence
Fostering competition
Promoting translators
Attaining social justice
Fostering penal progress
Fostering social cohesion
Safeguarding public health
Fostering young scientists
Fostering research studies
Cooperating between agencies
Fostering police cooperation
Fostering broader life images
Fostering total physical care
Fostering area wide publicity
Fostering scientific research
Fostering traditional art form
Fostering peace through health
Supporting economic development
Creating spirit of understanding
Fostering greater contestability
Fostering broad life experiences
Fostering economic relationships
Fostering regional understanding
Fostering transnational research
Fostering useful family knowledge
Fostering helpful stylistic images
Fostering capable adult leadership
Promoting physical health
Fostering vital external relations
Fostering intellectual cooperation
Fostering educational opportunities
Fostering computer-related services
Fostering practical teaching know-how
Developing shrine/community relations
Fostering regular educational support
Fostering common community interchange
Fostering effective interchange system
Enhancing ethnic tradition appreciation
Fostering broad significant involvement
Fostering beneficial extended relations
Fostering structured physical activities
Fostering home organizational techniques
Fostering necessary government relations
Fostering good staff/pupil relationships
Fostering popular recreational activities
Fostering integrated maritime development
Fostering international tourism cooperation
Fostering favourable commercial environment for crafts
Fostering ability to live harmoniously in a changing environment
Fostering trade union participation in sustainable development programmes
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies