Establishing standards

Setting standards
Finalizing standards
Drafting standards
Determining standards
Defining standards

Establishing uniform standard measurements, methods, levels of quality, or levels of content to ensure interchangeability of elements from different sources and replaceability of elements in discontinued products, with a view to facilitating the exchange of goods and services.

Standardizing law
Applying standards
Standardizing maps
Protecting standards
Publishing standards
Harmonizing equipment
Normalizing sexuality
Standardizing products
Standardizing planning
Standardizing research
Standardizing education
Clarifying musical pitch
Setting safety standards
Setting safety standards
Regulating food standards
Standardizing private law
Standardizing tax systems
Developing code of conduct
Standardizing biochemistry
Organizing social services
Standardizing divorce laws
Standardizing nomenclature
Harmonizing transport rules
Setting standards of living
Providing nuclear safeguards
Standardizing infrastructure
Regularizing discount prices
Standardizing language usage
Codifying unifying covenants
Setting electronic standards
Standardizing trade practices
Codifying unifying agreements
Creating industrial standards
Setting professional standards
Establishing organic standards
Regularizing transport service
Regularizing cultural exposure
Establishing working standards
Standardizing property tax base
Setting international standards
Determining trade profitability
Setting communication standards
Standardizing local water purity
Standardizing benefit procedures
Standardizing economic machinery
Standardizing energy consumption
Standardizing international trade
Making consistent risk evaluation
Establishing production standards
Regularizing local citizen contact
Regularizing commercial activities
Standardizing regional disparities
Standardizing insurance regulations
Setting standards for water quality
Defining internal auditing standards
Establishing product quality measures
Structuring periodic community events
Structuring regular community meetings
Increasing effectiveness of inspection
Defining unacceptable social behaviour
Standardizing indicators of achievement
Agreeing about international priorities
Balancing international economic activity
Facilitating international transit of goods
Standardizing official news and information
Setting standards for conduct in parliament
Standardizing economic growth among countries
Applying standards to ensure data compatibility
Standardizing international consumption of resources
Standardizing weights, measures and numbering systems
Setting appropriate fashion for consumption of goods and services
International Accounting Standards Board
Pan American Standards Commission
European Advertising Standards Alliance
Standards Association of Central Africa
International Valuation Standards Council
International Federation of Standards Users
CENELEC Electronic Components Committee
ICT Standards Board
European Committee for Banking Standards
Caribbean Common Market Standards Council
International Software Benchmarking Standards Group
European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Caribbean Council of Quality Standards
European Foundation for Phytotherapy
Localization Industry Standards Association
Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards
European Collaboration on Measurement Standards
Council on Standards for International Educational Travel
ProSTEP iViP Association
Standards Engineering Society
International Radiator Standards Association
International Organization for Plant Data Standards Group
World Commission of Human Rights and International Labour Standards
International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training
International Board of Standards and Practices for Certified Financial Planners
Canadian Standards Association
Convention concerning labour standards in non-metropolitan territories
Convention concerning minimum standards of social security
Convention on the application of standards of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Convention concerning tripartite consultations to promote the implementation of international labour standards
Convention concerning minimum standards in merchant ships
International convention on standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for seafarers
International convergence of capital measurement and capital standards
International convention on standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for fishing vessel personnel
Asian Standards Advisory Committee
International Cotton Calibration Standards Committee
European Association to Maintain High Social and Ethical Standards on the Continent
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B: Basic universal strategies
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