Reaching intimacy
Establishing relations
Establishing world law
Improving human rights
Establishing resources
Establishing standards
Establishing safeguards
Establishing precedents
Establishing federation
Developing organizations
Establishing health care
Establishing bogus firms
Establishing unified data
Establishing care centers
Establishing crisis funds
Establishing equal rights
Reducing radiation effects
Establishing new academies
Establishing bible schools
Establishing court systems
Establishing resource bank
Establishing human dignity
Establishing local clinics
Providing extension offices
Establishing planning groups
Providing primal structures
Establishing citizen protection
Establishing peace tax fund
Establishing universal peace
Establishing close relations
Establishing speakers bureau
Establishing enforcing power
Establishing support systems
Establishing basic techniques
Establishing educational data
Establishing global symbology
Establishing needed home care
Establishing dairy facilities
Establishing official support
Establishing public programmes
Establishing year-round market
Establishing closer cooperation
Establishing national standards
Establishing need for resources
Establishing repair skills pool
Establishing radio communication
Establishing interactive network
Establishing legal aid societies
Establishing permanent relations
Establishing cultural curriculum
Establishing political resources
Formalizing sexual relationships
Establishing criteria for labour
Establishing shipping operations
Establishing imaginal social art
Establishing stable produce flow
Establishing local grinding mill
Instituting global representation
Establishing home postal exchange
Establishing strong citizen voice
Establishing fund raising ability
Establishing wide activities area
Establishing post office services
Establishing local medical clinic
Establishing soilless agriculture
Establishing information exchange
Formulating basis of marital forms
Establishing commercial fish plants
Establishing new processing plants
Establishing international schools
Establishing international services
Establishing close direct relations
Establishing world economic council
Establishing necessary capital base
Establishing outside retail outlets
Establishing easy investment source
Establishing local produce exchange
Enabling positive working relations
Establishing advanced formal school
Establishing frequent refuse pickup
Establishing total family practices
Establishing regular adult learning
Establishing international exchange
Establishing environmental data base
Establishing subregional cooperation
Establishing higher learning options
Establishing sound payment schedules
Establishing planning administration
Establishing accessible global links
Establishing indigenous peoples right
Establishing local washing facilities
Establishing attractive low-cost cafe
Establishing international legal order
Modernizing world socio-economic order
Establishing contact among researchers
Establishing occupational significance
Establishing global wholesale contacts
Establishing early learning experiment
Establishing pilot commercial concerns
Establishing community made production
Establishing imaginal methods training
Establishing joint sovereignty regimes
Establishing specially regulated zones
Describing need for production schemes
Establishing manufacturing capabilities
Establishing rational meeting processes
Establishing assembly products industry
Establishing crucial official resources
Establishing student employment service
Establishing practical work experiences
Establishing public vehicle connections
Establishing credit creation mechanisms
Establishing clear cut ethical standards
Establishing contacts among aeronautical
Establishing outside financial resources
Establishing helpful worker's structures
Establishing permanent examination place
Developing communication media for women
Establishing new vocational possibilities
Establishing essential external relations
Establishing localized utilities services
Developing responsible borrowing patterns
Establishing participatory care structures
Projecting directions of common production
Establishing suitable credit opportunities
Establishing new decision-making mechanism
Establishing universal worldwide authority
Establishing national musical documentation
Establishing programmes on forest resources
Establishing dictatorship of the proletariat
Establishing world-wide enlistment procedure
Identifying participation in decision-making
Establishing diversified industrial ventures
Establishing basic manufacturing enterprises
Establishing international relief warehouses
Establishing appropriate cooperative research
Deciding effectiveness of industrial equipment
Establishing local participation opportunities
Establishing up to date rules for peacekeeping
Establishing coastguard communications stations
Establishing international space communications
Establishing national water resource priorities
Establishing arena for corporate decision making
Establishing proper industrial relations policies
Establishing comprehensive information structures
Establishing national archives on water resources
Establishing information flow on natural resources
Establishing independent UN standby military force
Establishing national policy to expand water supply
Establishing market research and planning structures
Establishing innovative approaches to programme funding
Establishing friendly relations among neighbouring cities
Establishing protected areas for sources of drinking water
Establishing contacts with industrial producers distributors
Setting behavioural mind-set concerning legality of activities
Establishing priority needs for consumption of goods and services
Providing grounding for maintenance of social acceptable behaviour
Establishing joint responsibility for trade in restricted chemicals
Establishing independent monitoring bodies for freshwater resources
Establishing centres for sustainable development research and education
Establishing international fisheries agencies in neglected marine areas
Establishing joint trade union/employer policies for the work environment
Establishing international institution for international migration concerns
Establishing staff development plans to meet present and future requirements
Establishing affordable nurseries and kindergartens to reduce female workloads
Establishing national mechanisms for coordinating implementation of Agenda 21
Establishing partnerships for sustainable development between industry and research agencies
Establishing multisectoral national advisory and coordinating groups on environmental education
Establishing intersectoral planning groups and improving institutional links for urban water supply
Establishing special arrangements with donors for environmental projects needing additional resources
Developing good relations
Developing inclusive social forms
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies