Using crime
Ignoring patents
Promoting dialogue
Committing treason
Engaging in piracy
Engaging in slavery
Engaging in slavery
Transmitting disease
Engaging politically
Engaging in snobbery
Engaging in fish wars
Engaging in mysticism
Engaging in reprisals
Engaging in bestiality
Engaging in revolution
Hiring mercenary troops
Hiring mercenary troops
Engaging in factionalism
Engaging in expansionism
Engaging in exhibitionism
Engaging in tribal warfare
Engaging active leadership
Building community support
Building community support
Engaging in psychic warfare
Purchasing foreign resources
Engaging in cultural warfare
Engaging professional groups
Engaging in criminal mischief
Engaging all geographic areas
Engaging in political activity
Engaging total family learning
Engaging in development process
Engaging in industrial forestry
Engaging available labour force
Engaging in a spiritual journey
Engaging in conventional warfare
Engaging in radiological warfare
Engaging available useful skills
Engaging in intellectual activity
Engaging in displacement activity
Engaging in environmental warfare
Engaging in inter-species warfare
Engaging in multinational commerce
Engaging significant communication
Engaging key department assistance
Engaging concerned local residents
Engaging in bureaucratic infighting
Engaging total female participation
Engaging interested senior citizens
Engaging available labour resources
Engaging elementary school children
Engaging in revolt against formalism
Challenging present and future forms
Challenging present and future forms
Engaging future leadership potential
Engaging all neighbourhood residents
Engaging available productive talent
Engaging informed active participation
Engaging viable agricultural operations
Providing motivation for common defence
Engaging broad leadership participation
Engaging in illegal government practices
Engaging in national political infighting
Engaging in cross-border military operations
Engaging in crimes against national security
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies