Undertaking global studies

Researching international issues
Studying transnational subjects
Studying global change
Studying Pacific issues
Studying international law
Researching world problems
Researching new world order
Undertaking African studies
Studying international trade
Ordering global needs research
Strengthening research capacity
Initiating international research
Training in international finance
Researching international politics
Researching global security issues
Exploring global inter-relatedness
Investigating global skin diseases
Researching international security
Undertaking Latin American studies
Studying international relationships
Developing international medical law
Disseminating international studies ideas
Studying monolingual international relations
Studying regional international relationships
Promoting international sociological research
Researching international technology cooperation
Coordinating international informatics development
Developing countries through international research
Implementing major international research programmes
Studying disease transmission by international travel
Improving international research on watershed development
Researching destabilizing effects of international capital mobility
Expanding international research cooperation on freshwater resources
Establishing international centres for sustainable development research
Studying international movement of animals as factor in animal diseases
Ensuring participation of developing countries in international research
Researching role of non-governmental organizations in international environmental governance
Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 4: Quality Education