Undertaking African studies

Encouraging African scholarship
Researching Africa
Studying African issues
European Council on African Studies
Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
Southern African Development Research Association
Association for the Taxonomic Study of the Flora of Tropical Africa
Latin American Association for Asian and African Studies
Association of Agricultural Research Institutions in the Near East and North Africa
International Congress of African Studies
African Mountain Association
Association of Maize Researchers in Africa
Union for African Population Studies
Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa
Association for French Studies in Southern Africa
West African Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies
Federation of African Medical Students Associations
Southern African Society of Quaternary Research
Nordic Africa Institute
African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development
East African Rock Art Research Association
African Association for the Study of Religions
Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa
Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies
Pan African Association for Prehistory and Related Studies
Association of African Women for Research and Development
African Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
Southern and Eastern African Association for Farming Systems Research-Extension
Centre for African Family Studies
African Association for the Study of the Americas
African Bureau of Educational Sciences
Pan African Centre for Research on Peace and Conflict Resolution
Africa Peace Research and Education Association
African Centre for Technology Studies
West African Association of Universities and Research Institutions
African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies
Southern African Centre for Cooperation in Agricultural Research and Training
Centre for Research into Economics and Finance in Southern Africa
Centre for African Settlement Studies and Development
African Institute for Higher Technical Training and Research
Centre of Economic and Social Studies in Western Africa
Scientific, Technical and Research Commission of the Organization of African Unity
Southern Africa Regional Institute for Policy Studies
International Institute of Entomology
African Centre for Gender and Social Development
Centre for the Coordination of Research and Documentation in Social Science for Sub-Saharan Africa
UNU Institute for Natural Resources in Africa
African Arabic Centre for Research and Training Staff in Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind
African Centre for Applied Research and Training in Social Development
West African Centre for Banking Education and Research
Eastern African Centre for Research on Oral Traditions and African National Languages
African Centre for Monetary Studies
Regional Institute for Population Studies
FAO Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Western Region
West African Farming Systems Research Network
African Society for Environmental Studies Programme
International Congress of Asian and North African Studies
Eastern and Southern African Universities Research Programme
Christian Organization Research and Advisory Trust of Africa
African Regional Documentation Centre on Communication Research and Policies
Council for University Students of East Africa
Centre de formation URTNA
Tea Research Foundation - Central Africa
Pest Management Research and Development Network
Small Ruminants Research Network
Women and Law in Southern Africa Research Trust
Africa Network of Documentation Centres on Communication Research and Policies
Natural Products Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa
West and Central African AIDS Research Network
African Economic Research Consortium
Special Programme for African Agricultural Research
Network of AIDS Researchers of Eastern and Southern Africa
Research and Development Forum for Science-Led Development in Africa
Pan African Agency for Research and Consultation
African Research Network for Urban Management
Southern African Research and Documentation Centre
Study and Research Group on Democracy, Economic and Social Development in Africa
Agricultural Research Management Training Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa
West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development
Southern African Research and Information Foundation
USAID/SADC/IITA/CIP Southern Africa Root Crops Research Network
African Coffee Research Network
Educational Research Network in Eastern and Southern Africa
Organizational Network for Women in Africa for Research, Development and Support
Eastern Africa Root Crops Research Network
Educational Research Network for Western and Central Africa
African Research Utilization Network
African Medical and Research Foundation
Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa
African Educational Research Network
Inter-African Research Fund
African Energy Policy Research Network
Network of Activists and Researchers on Integrated Human Rights in Africa
Eastern and Southern Africa Rootcrops Research Network
African Heritage Research Library
West and Central Africa Millet Research Network
African Human Rights Research Association
California Institute of Pan African Studies
Area Study Centre for Africa, North and South America
Netherlands African Studies Association
Joint Committee on African Studies
Center of Studies on Africa and the Middle East
Centre for African Entrepreneurship Research and Development
Africa Refugee Study Centre
Center for Economic Research on Africa, Upper Montclair NJ
African Studies Center, Michigan State University
Institute of African Studies, Freetown
Eastern African Universities Research Project
African Studies Association
Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
African Studies Center, Boston
African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific
Centre for African Studies, Barcelona
African Heritage Studies Association
New African Research and Development Agency
Pan-African Student Union
Centre for African and Eastern Studies, Porto
Institute of African Studies, Mmabatho
George Padmore Research Library on African Affairs
African Company for Development Studies
Center for African Studies, Champaign
African-American Studies Resources Center, Washington DC
Institute for Scientific Research in Central Africa
Institute of Southern African Studies
Institute of African Affairs, Hamburg
African Studies Program, Bloomington
African Institute for the Study of Human Values
Institute of African Studies, Asmara
Institute of West Asian and African Studies, Beijing
Centre of African Studies, Cambridge
Centre of African Studies, London
Institute of African Studies, Ibadan
Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford
Institute of African Studies, Nairobi
Institute of African Studies, Lisbon
Centre for African Studies, Rondebosch
Centre for Curriculum Studies in Africa, Nairobi
Centre for African Studies, Lisbon
Institute of African Studies, Mafeking
James S Coleman African Studies Center, Los Angeles
African Studies Center, Flint MI
Centre of West African Studies, Birmingham
Institute for Arabic and Islamic Research of South Africa
Institute of African and Asian Studies, Khartoum
African Centre for Development and Strategic Studies
Institute of African Studies, Rabat
Centre for West Asian and African Studies, New Delhi
Institute for African Studies, University of Bayreuth
West Africa Research Centre, Dakar
Euro-African University Studies Institute
African Centre for Environmental Studies
Center for Contemporary African Studies, University of Connecticut
School of African and Asian Studies, Sussex
Institute of Oriental and African Studies, Bratislava
Africa Research Centre, Leuven
Centre for African Studies, Halifax
Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Ann Arbor MI
Center for Afroamerican and African Studies, Ann Arbor MI
International Third World Legal Studies Association
Center for Action-Oriented Research on African Development
Africa Press
Center for Asian and African Studies, Mexico
New York African Studies Association
Center for African Studies, Gainesville FL
Group of African Study and Reflections
Centre for Studies, Research and Documentation on Relations between Africa and Germany
Gays and Lesbians in African Studies
Scientific Research Centre for Africa and Asia
Institute of African Research and Studies, University of Cairo
African Politics Research Unit
Institute of African Studies, Madrid
Food and Agricultural Research Management
Centre for the Study of North African Jewry
Institute of Economic and Social Research
Institute of Developing Countries, Warsaw
Centre of African Studies, Edinburgh
Centre of African Studies, Sao Paulo
Centre of African Studies, Copenhagen
School of Oriental and African Studies
African Studies Institute, Johannesburg
Centre of African Studies, St Petersburg
Institute of African Studies, Legon
Brussels Centre of African Studies
Association of African Studies Programs
Centre of African and Development Studies, Lisbon
African Studies Association of the UK
African Studies Committee
Collegium for African American Research
Moshe Dayan Centre for Middle Eastern and African Studies
Institute of Near Eastern and African Studies
Institute of Asian and African Studies
International Centre of Geological Research on Africa
West African Research Association
Research School of Asian, African and Amerindian Studies
Euro-African Management Research Centre
Africana Studies and Research Center
African Studies Centre, Maputo
African Society for Development Studies
Centre for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Institute of African Studies, Nsukka
Institute of African Studies at Columbia University, New York
Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa
African Association of Farming Systems for Research, Extension and Training
International Studies and Research Centre on the Diaspora and its Relations with Africa
African Scientific Council for Research in Informatics
East and Central Africa Rice Research Network
African Research Centre, Ghana
North Africa Bureau of Economic Studies, Tunis
West Asia and North Africa Centre for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study in Seed Science and Technology
West African Network for Agricultural Research Management
African Research and Development Network for the Industrial Production of Drugs of Medicinal Plants
Regional Committee for the Promotion of the Regional Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and Other Qualifications in Higher Education in the African States
West and Central Africa Cowpea Research Network
West and Central Africa Sorghum Research Network
African Foundation for Research and Development
Regional Project for Research and Training on Coastal Ecosystems in Africa
ICRISAT Western and Central Africa Programme, Kano
South Europe, West Africa and North Africa Durum Wheat Research Network
Banana Research Network of Eastern and Southern Africa
East and Central African Bean Research Network
Potato and Sweet Potato Research Network of Eastern and Central Africa
Eastern and Central African Regional Sorghum and Millet Research Network
Agroforestry Research Network of Eastern and Central Africa
Agency for Forestry Research Networks for Africa
Southern African Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies
Collaborative Network for Vegetable Research and Development in Southern Africa
Network of African Students in Anthropology
ICTP Bi-Regional Latin-American-African Network of Radiopropagation Research Groups
African Population and Health Research Centre
African Higher Institute of Trade Union Research and Education
North African Students for Freedom
Institute for African Development, Ithaca NY
Institute for the Study of Man in Africa
Institute for the Study of English in Africa
Southern African Association for Institutional Research
School of Information Studies for Africa
Centre for Epidemiological Research in Southern Africa
Africa Alternative Development Research-Consulting
Centre for African and Migration Studies, Bremen
Inter-University Centre for Latin American, African and Asian Studies
Oxford Centre for African Studies
Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations
Francophone ACP Research Group, London
African Studies Center, Philadelphia PA
Africa Research and Publications Project
Federation of Natural Science and Mathematics Education Associations of Southern Africa
Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University
Berkeley Stanford Joint Center for African Studies
Centre for Southern African Studies
Southern Africa Research Group
Centre for Modern African Studies, Coventry
Southern Africa Research Service
Research Institute of African and African Diaspora Arts
Association for the Study of Caribbean and African Literature in French
Southern African Marketing Research Association
Southern Africa Economic Research Unit
African Environmental Research and Consulting Group
Southern African Built Environment Research Centre
Institute for Research and Education of Women in Africa and the Diaspora
Southern African New Crop Research Association
Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
Institute for Research on the African Diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean
Regional convention on the recognition of studies, certificates, diplomas, degrees and other academic qualifications in higher education in the African States
African regional cooperative agreement for research, development and training related to nuclear science and technology
Tea Research Institute of East Africa
Pan-African Students Medical Corps
East African Community Research and Social Council
Group for African Study and Thought
West African Cocoa Research Institute
Federation of African Pharmaceutical Students
East African Institute of Social Research, Kampala
Pan-African Student Movement
Asian-African Students Conference
West African Students' Union
African Research and Communications
Society of Studies for the Promotion of Cinema in Africa
Africa Research Centre, South Africa
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