human value


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Related Problems:
Fortified frontiers
Cultural barriers
Restrictive trade practices
Environmental exigencies in tropical villages
Inter-cultural trade barriers
Unpredictable barriers to trade
Destruction of natural barriers
Discrimination against men in child bearing
Barriers to transcendent experience
Disregard for internationally imposed economic sanctions
Tariff barriers to international trade
Language as a barrier to communication
Habitual overemphasis on national self-determination
Class consciousness
Protection of company ownership
Family structure as a barrier to progress
Non-tariff barriers to international trade
Animal worship as a barrier to development
Political barriers to effective legislation
Trade barriers against developing countries
Barriers to transfer among educational facilities
International trade barriers for primary commodities
Government barriers to international trade in services
Environmental hazards from fishing industry
Tax barriers to the dissemination of technical knowledge
Restrictions on international freedom of movement for national advantage
Trade barriers and protectionism among developing countries
Barriers to the international flow of knowledge and educational materials
Immigration barriers for handicapped family members
Structural barriers for disabled persons
Impediments to adoption of children
Economic barriers to access to the legal profession, the judiciary and jury membership
Economic barriers to women's access to the judicial process
Psychological barriers to the judicial protection of individual rights
Decline in commercial competition due to entrance barriers
Barriers to economic education
Governmental barriers to a global ethic
Disturbance to wildlife patterns of movement
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values