human value


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Related Problems:
Health hazards from fish, crustacea and molluscs
Poisonous plants
Venomous animals
Poisoning in animals
Product extortion
Misuse of agricultural chemicals
Natural toxins in food
Molybdenum poisoning in animals
Rodenticide poisoning in animals
Ergot of grain
Lead as a health hazard at work
Poisonous fungi
Insecticide poisoning in animals
Civilized poisons
Coal-tar poisoning
Coal-tar poisoning
Strychnine poisoning in animals
Dioxin poisoning
Accidental poisoning by systemic agents
Poisonous algae
Nitrate poisoning in animals
Toxic blue-green algae in drinking water
Accidental poisoning by haematologic agents
Food poisoning
Serum sickness
Accidental poisoning by analgesics
Arsenic poisoning
Cantharidin poisoning in animals
Poisoning by oak buds
Toxic substances in the home
Salt poisoning in animals
Ciguatera poisoning
Accidental poisoning by diuretic drugs
Lead contamination of wetlands
Metal poisoning
Insecticide poisoning
Metaldehyde poisoning in animals
Mercury as a pollutant
Sweet clover poisoning
Accidental poisoning by local anaesthetic
Accidental poisoning by psychotherapeutic drugs
Accidental poisoning by hormones
Polychlorinated biphenyls as a health hazard
Algal poisoning in animals
Scombroid poisoning
Gulf War syndrome
Accidental poisoning by musculoskeletal drugs
Accidental poisoning by cardiovascular drugs
Health hazards of plastics
Sorghum poisoning in animals
Poisonous, allergenic and biologically active wood
Mass catering hazards
Bracken fern poisoning in animals
Selenium poisoning
Child poisoning
Accidental poisoning by autonomic nervous system drugs
Copper poisoning in animals
Senecio poisoning in animals
Accidental poisoning by antibiotics
Lead poisoning in the home
Paralytic shellfish poisoning
Toxic industrial chemicals
Strychnine poisoning
Ethylene glycol poisoning
Herbicide poisoning in animals
Fluoride poisoning in animals
Accidental poisoning by sedative medicines
Alcohol poisoning
Salmon poisoning disease
Accidental poisoning by central nervous system drugs
Accidental poisoning by gastro-intestinal drugs
Cyanide poisoning
Health hazards of aluminium
Bacterial food poisoning
Irritant fumes
Poisonous gases and vapours
Risks of immunization
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values