human value


Related Problems:
Environmental degradation due to creation of dams
Delayed completion of essential infrastructure
Difficult road construction
Absence of accountability in construction planning
Lack of training in construction techniques in mountainous conditions
Individualistic construction methods
Environmental hazards from the construction industry
Elitist control of construction technology
Bad product design
Inadequate reservoir plan
Depressing effect of poor housing construction
Inadequate conditions of work in the construction industry
Underground construction obstacles
Prohibitive construction costs
Resource demands of the built environment
Unsafe design of consumer products
Construction of inappropriate tourist resort complexes
Prohibitive construction cost of community buildings
Inadequate road conditions
Instability of construction industry
Dangerous building construction
Gender inequality
Reductionistic decision making criteria in the construction industry
Improvisational housing
Building and construction noise
Limited construction manpower
Health risks to workers in construction industry
Inequitable distribution of construction expertise
Unenvisioned construction methods
Inadequate construction expertise
Excessive use of land by automobiles
Unavailability of construction equipment
Inadequate earthquake resistant construction
Protectionism in the construction and engineering services industries
Prohibitive cost of road construction
Unavailability of construction plans
Hazardous construction materials
Unavailability of building sites
Protesting new road construction
Using construction inspectors
Assessing costs to support sustainable construction industry activities
Expanding use of local construction technologies
Teaching disaster resistant construction methods
Transferring information for sustainable resources use in construction
Providing nuclear safeguards
Strengthening construction industry research
Cooperating on environmental aspects of construction
Upgrading technical skills in small construction enterprises
Constructing sustainably
Managing physical development
Manufacturing construction machinery
Encouraging self-building of houses
Mobilizing local construction talent
Creating construction trucking system
Creating skilled building teams
Acquiring necessary construction supplies
Delineating social sexual framework
Soliciting new construction investment
Securing needed construction items
Enabling private housing construction
Supplying area construction supplies
Conducting major construction projects
Utilizing indigenous building material
Acquiring home construction funding
Sharing basic construction implements
Holding corporate community workdays
Improving construction materials supply
Developing construction materials industry
Forming construction company
Launching local construction enterprises
Launching waterfront construction project
Expediting construction of needed facilities
Developing construction expertise
Neglecting building construction
Reporting negligent building construction
Researching effects of poor housing construction
Improving construction of dwellings
Campaigning against of supermarkets
Protecting construction and engineering services industries
Reducing protectionism in the construction and engineering services industries
Using cheap construction
Making long-term construction plans
Controlling building development
Abolishing unethical construction practices
Demanding accountability in construction planning
Corrupting construction industry
Researching criminal involvement in the construction industry
Controlling construction technology
Using construction technology
Avoiding misconstruction
Improving construction technology
Evaluating construction research
Exchanging information on construction engineering
Developing construction industries
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values