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Deconstructionist criticism

Deconstructionist criticism, a powerful intellectual movement of the 1970's (particularly in America), is a method by which scholars analyze given cultural "texts". These texts may include anything from sonnets to television programmes to cereal boxes. Particularly in the realm of literature and film, deconstruction is an analysis of what earlier critics thought to be textual meaning. The deconstructionist's basic objective is to divest a text in order to expose its elitist, anti-feminist and otherwise unpopular presuppositions. As the unpopularity of certain ideologies may shift with the time, fashion and the words to describe them, so may criticism of a given text. Thus, the meaning of such a text is based on an individual's perception and reaction to it at any moment in time, as meaning is never permanent. Deconstruction aims to expose contradiction in the very idea of meaning of a text.

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