Enabling covenant awareness

Holding man's relationship to the mystery through the symbol of a covenant. The catalytic effect is that the family has a way of holding itself together and a reason for being in history.
An integral part of formulating images for articulation of meaningful human relationships, to enable the individual to come out of isolation and respond to life's situations in a detached, yet comprehensively engaged, manner.
Tactics include: symbolized bonds to unite mankind, using symbols created to hold the discerned humanness of the people, and using tools such as songs and fairy tales; announced intentions first by imaginal advertising of educational courses in newspapers, magazines, and television to be followed by covenant-oriented songs and sermons at local church; dramatized testaments to be accomplished through local festivals with liturgies and music utilizing learned simulated art-forms; family unification to be presented in a series of pre-marriage seminars in order to reconstruct the total family mission; and decisional guilds to centre on young people to promote missional views of jobs and family responsibility through world wide share groups. An example is that the missional family covenant gives the couple a reason for being married in our time of over-population.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions