human value


Other Names:
Increasing public awareness about environmental laws
Cultivating appreciation of cultural heritage
Raising environmental awareness of tourists
Disseminating awareness on women's role
Popularizing development communication
Raising awareness on the benefits of environmental infrastructure
Increasing awareness of demographic impacts on sustainable development
Researching ethnic issues
Eliminating abusive child labour
Raising awareness of demography in sustainable development planning
Raising awareness of demography in sustainable development planning
Increasing awareness of link between status of women and demographic dynamics
Raising awareness
Raising awareness about persons with disabilities
Using audiovisual methods to increase awareness of environmental issues in rural areas
Advocating global security
Creating awareness of the benefits and risks of biotechnology
Involving local people in raising public awareness on the environment
Producing TV and radio programmes for environmental awareness
Expanding international exchange on sustainable development education
Increasing public awareness of the impact of violence in society
Increasing awareness and action for environmental protection
Promoting awareness of relationship between gender and science and technology
Assessing impact of public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Assisting education institutions to contribute more to public environmental awareness programmes
Expanding public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Expanding public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Mobilizing people in public awareness programmes for sustainable development
Raising worker consciousness
Raising awareness of oceans
Maintaining database on current awareness
Raising biodiversity awareness in economic sectors
Reawakening religious awareness
Increasing public awareness of persistent organic pollutants
Raising public awareness of water-related disease control
Supporting user-friendly technology to improve multidisciplinary research and public awareness on the environment
Monitoring implementation of education proposals in Agenda 21
Enhancing corporate environmental responsibility
Increasing public awareness of sustainable development
Improving delivery of public awareness programmes in United Nations system
Providing broadened cultural awareness
Stimulating natural multi-national awareness
Deepening common global awareness
Promoting awareness of responsibility of scientists
Promoting awareness of significance of leisure and recreation
Promoting awareness of hygienic, ethical, aesthetic value of cremation
Expanding global social awareness
Researching to create awareness of common destiny
Raising regional consumer awareness
Expanding regional-local awareness
Creating local consumer awareness
Providing early awareness experience
Discerning revelatory awareness
Inducing interior awareness
Enhancing ethnic tradition appreciation
Enhancing environmental awareness
Enriching community global awareness
Encouraging service awareness
Enabling family hygienic awareness
Encouraging depth background awareness
Initiating transpersonal awareness
Expanding public education on hygiene
Heightening public awareness events
Communicating comprehensive health awareness
Increasing consumer awareness
Producing awareness of the need for corporate action
Building opposition awareness
Expressing human awareness of cultural meanings
Demanding awareness of mystery
Providing social awareness
Forcing realignment of interior awareness
Maintaining internal awareness through external tensions
Preventing retreat into interior awareness
Quickening nominal awareness
Suggesting radical awareness
Expanding news awareness
Enabling depth awareness
Increasing public awareness
Developing awareness of community services
Releasing vocational awareness
Raising awareness of water
Ensuring depth reality awareness
Releasing awareness of underlying awe
Educating in nutrition
Releasing spiritual awareness
Enabling covenant awareness
Recognizing opportunities
Recognizing opportunities
Endangering with awareness of high risk
Increasing awareness of social services
Increasing awareness of social services
Increasing awareness of actuality
Increasing awareness of actuality
Increasing awareness of actuality
Raising awareness of delayed emergence of problems
Living in the present
Reducing media illiteracy
Informing about symptoms of illness
Balancing political awareness
Unbalancing political awareness
Increasing awareness of past heritage
Providing sufficient deathing awareness
Abstaining from deathing awareness
Abstaining from essential freedom due to unawareness of actuality
Preserving awareness of time immemorial
Preserving awareness of time immemorial
Globalizing awareness
Enhancing awareness of ethical principles
Promoting quality awareness
Stimulating public awareness
Raising public awareness about contraceptive and reproductive technologies
Promoting general banana awareness
Advancing conservation awareness
Promoting economic benefits of tourism
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values