Contexting family activity

Enabling family members to see the possibility in living out of a comprehensive understanding of life. The effect is to give families across the globe a common comprehensive understanding of life, so that their economic priorities may be changed.
An part integral of intentionalizing generation roles to enable the individual to participate actively in the responsible creation of his life by becoming conscious of the significance of his life phase.
Tactics include: enabling the creativity and wisdom of the elderly to be developed and used as gifts to others; reminding the family of its chosen purpose and destiny; providing a globalized context to enable the family to live daily its chosen purpose and destiny; celebrating family heritage to remind the family of the gifts of the past; and localizing responsibility to engage the family in the study of, and service to, the community. An example would be families that decorate their homes with pictures of all the peoples of the world so that everyone may become aware of the life that they hold in common with all other people.
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D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 13: Climate Action