human value


Other Names:
Remediating ecological damage caused by industrial activity
Expanding regional activity on the marine environment
Increasing activity of transnational corporations
Applying performance bonds to industrial activity
Preventing adverse impact of agricultural activity on water quality
Stimulating activity of the catechized
Studying criminal activity
Reducing criminal activity
Accelerating political activity
Posting communal activity dates
Landscaping open green spaces
Encouraging expressive art work
Forming diverse activity groups
Offering recognized activity focus
Creating common activity node
Enabling recreation activity
Implementing local business activity
Setting conditions on the flow of economic systems
Designing fulfilling life style
Organizing local commercial activity
Increasing local commercial activity
Introducing suitable commercial activity
Regulating common economic system
Maintaining activity of economic system
Stimulating understanding of meaningful social activity
Defining social activity through social roles
Enriching corporate activity
Engaging in warfare
Contexting family activity
Keeping fit
Taking missionary action
Treating hyperactive children
Using research as a cover for illegal activity
Researching hyperactive children
Covering up illegal activity
Emphasizing activity
Conducting socially unacceptable activity
Regulating political activity
Monitoring entrepreneurial activities
Using extremist political activity
Covering up extraterrestrial activity
Judging criminals
Reducing criminal activity within prisons
Researching criminal activity of professions
Studying criminal activity by trade unions
Studying criminal activity within prisons
Reducing criminal activity by trade unions
Researching decline in testosterone activity
Monitoring business activity
Denying right to trade union activity
Using inhumane scientific activity
Tolerating differences in sexual activity
Exploiting differences in sexual activity
Reducing differences in sexual activity
Engaging in displacement activity
Using political displacement activity
Recognizing environmental resource base for economic activity
Forcing participation in community activity
Undertaking illegal military activity
Engaging in illegal intellectual activity
Attracting illegal activity
Engaging in illegal political activity
Tolerating illegal activity
Undertaking illegal activity in the interests of the environment
Undertaking military activity
Engaging in intellectual activity
Attracting activity
Engaging in political activity
Monitoring activity
Balancing research activity
Unbalancing research activity
Unbalancing regional industrial activity
Balancing regional industrial activity
Balancing international economic activity
Improving monitoring of international organization activity
Monitoring illegal activity
Improving lobbying
Tolerating scientific activity
Promoting scientific activity
Providing religion
Abstaining from religion
Abstaining from physical activity
Abstaining from politics
Providing sufficient daily physical activity in urban environments
Abstaining from daily physical activity in urban environments
Regionalizing activity
Supporting biographical activity
Detecting sudden unpredicted meteor activity
Detecting sudden unpredicted meteor activity
Humanizing sciences
Promoting sports and games
Extending undersea activity
Advocating for lesbians
Preventing criminal activity
Measuring physical activity
Humanizing activity
Facilitating economic activity
Increasing business activity
Researching innovative activity
Detecting criminal activity
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values