Healing memories

The Institute for Healing of Memories in South Africa grew out of the Healing of Memories Chaplaincy Project of the Trauma Centre for victims of Violence and Torture. The Institute for Healing of Memories is a trust which seeks to contribute to the healing journey of individuals, communities and nations. It offers activities such as workshops, seminars talks and sermons. It also develops models for dealing with emotions such as anger, hatred and guilt, and processes for reconciliation and forgiveness and an experiential way of learning about and from the past. At the time when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was set up, it was obvious that only a minority of South Africans would have the opportunity to tell their story before the Truth Commission. It was argued that platforms needed to be provided for all South Africans to tell their stories, and it was in this context that the Healing of Memories workshops were developed as a parallel process.
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Awakening memories
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