Protecting game animals

Defending game animals

Under the terms of the Benelux Agreement concerning Hunting and the Protection of Birds, 1970 the three Benelux countries are obliged to: (1) legally classify game into four categories: large game (such as deer), small game (such as the hare), water game (such as geese) and other game (such as crows); (2) consult each other in fixing the opening and closing dates of the hunting season; (3) ensure that the extent of areas where hunting with shotguns is permitted is greater than certain specified minimum areas; (4) consult each other on the types of authorized hunting attributes and methods; (5) limit the period during which game may be traded in accordance with the requirements of the Agreement; (6) protect non-game bird species, including prohibiting possession with intent to sell, selling, purchasing and supplying; (7) ensure that trade in non-game bird species is prohibited. Each Party is responsible for instituting the necessary measures to implement the Agreement and for monitoring and enforcing the provisions of the Agreement on its own territory.

Poaching game animals
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