Localizing e-commerce service delivery

If a company in (say) Portugal wants to capitalise on e-commerce methods by marketing across the European single market, they need to tap high quality skills in translation, website copywriting and other culturally sensitive aspects in order to sell to customers in Germany or Finland. European companies need even wider sets of skills to tackle online opportunities in the North American market, or the big growth markets of India and China. If a company wants a website that will have a high impact in China, many of the relevant skills to adapt its presentation and message can be tapped online in China itself but will be hard to find in Europe. This approach to accessing skills doesn't mean Chinese "localisation" experts are taking away jobs from people in Portugal; quite the reverse. When a company's marketing effort in the new market succeeds it means more business for the company and better work opportunities for local managers and staff.
Type Classification:
F: Exceptional strategies
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