Testing soil

Assessing soil properties
Testing field earth qualities
Soil testing can provide answers to many of the questions related to pH, salts and plant nutrient availability that are so necessary for the successful growth of plants.

Soil properties are measured or inferred from direct observations in the field or laboratory. Soil properties include, but are not limited to, particle-size distribution, cation capacity, and salinity. Soil qualities are behavior and performance attributes that are not directly measured. They are inferred from observations of dynamic conditions and from soil properties. Soil qualities include, but are not limited to, corrosivity, natural drainage, frost action, and wind erodibility. Soil properties and soil qualities are the criteria used in soil interpretation rating guides, as predictors of soil behavior, and for classification and mapping of soils. The soil properties entered should be representative of the soil for the dominant land use for which interpretations will be based.

Depleting soils
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