Eliminating apartheid

Campaigning against apartheid
The OAU Coordinating Committee for the Liberation of Africa organizes diplomatic support and channels financial, military and logistic aid to liberation movements. Liberation movements recognized by the OAU include: African National Congress (ANC), South Africa; Pan African Congress of Azania (PAC), South Africa. The OAU has been instrumental in persuading the United Nations to accept liberation struggles as legitimate, and to grant observer status to liberation movements at the UN. It maintains a Special Fund through which international support is channelled to lend financial support to Liberation Movements in the continent.

By imposing measures ranging from an arms embargo to a convention against segregated sporting events, the UN was a major factor in bringing about the downfall of the apartheid system in South Africa, which the General Assembly called "a crime against humanity". Elections were held in April 1994 in which all South Africans were allowed to participate on an equal basis, followed by the establishment of a majority government.

Society Segregation
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