Permeating local structure

Placing secular missionaries in key roles to facilitate catalytic change. The effect is to open up the structures of society to the possibility of creative participation by individuals in the decision-making process.
An integral part of formulating collective opinion by enabling the individual to use the comprehensive data and consensus methodology which will involve him in decision-making processes.
Tactics include: community grid to delineate the area of engagement; strategy development to develop the rationale for permeation; business recontexting to open up these structures to the possibility of making decisions out of a more comprehensive context; political penetration to make it possible for every person's opinion to be considered in polity decisions; and sign raising to raise a sign in the community that formulating collective opinion is a viable option. For example the intentional action taken by the black population to elect blacks to positions in local government has been aimed to initiate changes in the community to secure authentic participation by the black population in community decision-making.
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D: Detailed strategies