Providing genetic counselling

Genetic counselling is a professional advisory service discussing the implications of faulty genes carried by a person (or animal). The times for these discussions can be when a family member is deciding whether or not to go ahead with gene testing and again later when the gene testing results are available. It may also be provided when family history or already expressed hereditary diseases or other genetic disorders are present in people considering having children.

In genetic counselling, there can be a review and discussion of issues about the psychosocial benefits and risks of the genetic testing results. Genetic counselling can help individuals and couples through the decision-making process with family planning. Genetic counselors will provide information to help with the decision-making process, but they will not tell individuals or couples what decision to make or how to make it.

Genetic testing results can affect self-image, self-esteem, and individual and family identity. In genetic counselling, issues related to how and with whom genetic test results will be shared and their possible effect on important matters such as health and life insurance coverage can be reviewed and discussed. The person, who provides the genetic counselling to the family member(s), may be a professional from the disciplines of genetics, nursing, or medicine.

Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies