Lack of eugenic measures

Other Names:
Lack of eugenics
Insufficient intervention in human evolution
Discrimination against eugenics
Active prejudice towards selective breeding of humans

In the absence of eugenic measures, persons suffering serious hereditary diseases, with a high risk of transmitting them to their children, are not discouraged from having children.


Genetic counselling procedures would not be effective in the case of persons suffering from high-grade mental retardation which is of special importance due to its frequency, and some form of enforcement may be required.

Counter Claim:

Eugenic measures will never cause hereditary diseases or disabilities to disappear completely. Spontaneous mutations, the coming together of heterozygous carriers of recessive conditions, and other factors will always bring about new cases.

Broader Problems:
Lack of control
Related Problems:
Social evolutionism
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D: Detailed problems
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GOAL 1: No PovertyGOAL 2: Zero HungerGOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
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