Developing ideology
Creating ideologies
Formulating a worldview or socio-political philosophy that includes an understanding of the dynamics of being human, of the functions of society, the process of history, and the nature of social and individual change. This world view answers the questions of what is absolutely or relatively evil, how to make moral choices, what the future holds and how one effectively acts in the present situation. Such a formulation in a culture may take generations to develop. It should be open ended and comprehensive enough to allow reinterpretation as situations change and new understandings develop.
It is doubtful that realistic ideology can be created without its actual implementation in society. This requires embodying the ideology in a set of strategies, an organizational form and in a mechanism for bringing new people into the organization and preparing them for effective roles in the context of the ideology and the framework of the organization.
Ideologies liberate people from the arbitrariness of fate.
Counter Claim:
(a) In an age of rapid change such an artificial formulation is rendered irrelevant before it can be implemented. (b) An attempt to create such a formulation is finally illusory because history is directed by forces beyond human control.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies