Living in the present

Dwelling in the moment
Living in awareness
Dwelling in the present moment, we know it is the only moment. If we are not capable of being alive in the present moment, we postpone being alive to the future, the distant future. And we may never be alive at all in our life. Therefore, the technique, if it is to be called a technique, is to be alive in the present moment, to be aware of the here and now. The most important precept of all is to live in awareness, to know what is going on, not only here but there. What we are, what we do every day, has much to do with world peace. If we are aware of our lifestyle, our way of consuming and looking at things, then we know how to make peace right at the present moment. If we are very aware, we will do something to change the course of things.
Temporal orienting
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D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities