Reducing toxic risk

Protecting against toxic risk
Safeguarding against hazards of toxic substances

Facilitate access to data on chemicals and hazardous wastes needed to assess and control health and enviromental risks. Promote the preparation and implementation of an international legally-binding instrument on Prior Informed Consent for hazardous chemicals in international trade.


Increasing amounts of toxic chemicals and hazardous wastes threaten the environment and human health, while many countries lack the necessary information, resources and technical capacity to ensure environmentally sound management of chemicals and waste.

The practice of protecting the environment and health is changing. While some states continue to adopt the traditional regulatory approach of seeking to monitor and control risk, elsewhere environment and health (EH) agencies at national, regional and local levels have become oriented towards preventing and reducing risk. This cannot be done through regulation alone but requires a multi-partner approach, with each being prepared to contribute towards reducing a prevailing level of risk. This invariably involves a higher degree of coordination and communication but can lead to greater and more sustainable improvements in EH status.

Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies