human value


Other Names:
Campaigning against hazardous waste disposal
Reducing acid rain
Campaigning against the export of toxic materials
Controlling chemicals
Improving wood preservatives to protect the environment
Reducing discharge of toxic, persistent or bio-accumulating substances
Taxing use of toxic products
Protecting children from toxic compounds
Securing chemical data from industry for assessing potential risks
Monitoring toxic chemicals during their entire life cycle
Using technologies that minimize releases to toxic chemicals
Strengthening national centres for information exchange on toxic chemicals
Monitoring water quality threatened by toxic materials storage sites
Reporting routine emissions of toxic chemicals to the environment
Adopting laws to prevent illegal import of dangerous products
Increasing research on safer alternatives to harmful toxic chemicals
Coordinating research activities on the mechanisms of action of toxic chemicals
Developing emergency response procedures for chemical accidents
Setting assessment priorities for toxic chemicals of global concern
Preventing pollution of aquifers by toxic substances
Controlling toxic substances in the workplace
Improving information systems on toxic chemicals
Exchanging information on programmes to reduce toxic chemical risk
Reducing toxic risk
Registering potential toxic chemicals
Preventing illegal international traffic of toxic chemicals
Removing noxious fumes
Reducing soil pollution
Reducing heavy metal pollution
Monitoring accumulation of pollutants in plants and animals
Reducing risks of immunization
Producing toxic mixtures of substances
Producing toxic substances
Managing toxic waste dumps
Reducing toxic food additives
Monitoring toxicity thresholds
Notifying hazards of strong toxic substances
Reducing toxic contamination of domestic water
Monitoring toxic blue-green algae in drinking water
Reducing use of toxic products in farming
Securing toxic substances
Prohibiting toxic food additives
Monitoring toxic rain
Monitoring toxic food additives
Monitoring toxic food additives
Classifying dangerous substances
Protecting against toxic and harmful agents
Protecting against toxic metals as health hazards
Studying toxins
Protecting against toxic substances
Informing about adverse effects of vaccination
Treating metal toxicity
Dumping toxic waste
Registering potentially toxic chemicals
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values