Awakening individual uniqueness

Giving the individual an image of his unique selfhood. The effect, in relationship to global responsibility images, is that he becomes aware of his unique culture, able to see himself as significant and able to appropriate his uniqueness in taking responsibility in the world.
An integral part of honouring human creativity through internalizing the individual's self images of uniqueness and enabling him to contribute his wisdom to the corporate journey of mankind.
Tactics include utilizing: cultural heritage and individual history to emphasize the individual's past and allow him to see himself as unique; informal curriculum to accentuate personal education, utilizing books, cross-cultural trips and reflective conversations; missional identity to give an image of the individual's life story so that he can relate himself to his situation; spirit journey to use religious exercises, art forms, and conversations to chart inner deeps in order that spirit power can be released; and given particularities to enable the appropriation of the unique situation in which an individual finds himself in order to realize his maximum creativity.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies