Releasing aesthetic creativity

Revitalizing existing forms of artistic expression and creating new ones. The effect is the creation of art forms which will increase self-consciousness about universal life experiences.
An integral part of expressing universal images, to build an authentic new image of humanness involving elders' wisdom, adults' power and youths' vision.
Tactics include: story-building methodologies to provide a person or group with the skills and flair to translate a situation into a story; common symbols to be a vehicle for a community whereby they can transform the decisions and intentions of a community into objective art forms; decor context to broaden the scope of decor artefacts to include various dimensions, such as time and space; seminal culture exposure to occasion artistic events and art forms through which another culture is dramatized or revealed; and media presentation to expand the frame of reference out of which the content of media flows. An example of this is the development of holography giving a new dimension to man's visual awareness.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies