Moral re-armament

Changing people through a spiritual house party at which a weekend is spent in discussion, meditation, testimonials, recreation, quiet hours and public confession. The MRA convert accepts Jesus Christ as his personal saviour. In 15 minutes of meditation each day, he awaits the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit. Each follower promises to promote MRA objectives and try to win others to its fellowship. Each follower lives according to MRA standards, reads MRA publications, attends its meetings and contributes according to their means. Also known as the Oxford Group movement or Buchmanism.
Moral re-armament seeks to transform society by the moral and spiritual force of individual Christians. Conversion to the ideals of absolute purity, absolute selflessness, absolute honesty and absolute love is seen to occur through confession, surrender, guidance and sharing. MRA followers devote some part of each day to meditation or awaiting the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit. It seeks to strengthen people spiritually to enable them to resist Communism. Dr. Frank Buchman (1878-1961) began the movement as an offshoot of his Protestant Christian evangelistic work at Oxford in the early 1930's.
Moral Re-Armament training centers have been located in Switzerland, the USA, Japan and elsewhere. From such centers, teams of trained workers travel throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the Western Hemisphere. MRA has been most successful in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and in Christian parts of Africa.
Counter Claim:
Focusing on a set of fixed laws of behaviour puts people at odds with reality.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies