Implementing programmes

Recovering endangered species
Implementing environmental impact assessment for development programmes
Implementing urban air pollution programmes
Developing national strategies for sustainability
Improving coordination and complementarity of UNCED follow-up programmes in the United Nations system
Managing fragile ecosystems
Recognizing major non-governmental groups as key partners in implementing Agenda 21
Implementing efficient rural water cost-recovery programmes
Implementing urban storm-water run-off and drainage programmes
Implementing water and sanitation programmes for the urban poor
Incorporating expertise of NGOs in planning United Nations programmes
Implementing energy savings programmes
Developing sanitation for low-income city areas
Cooperating with NGOs in implementing national policies and programmes
Increasing involvement of NGOs in designing and implementing education programmes for sustainable development
Implementing major international research programmes
Implementing programmes on sustainable livelihoods
Implementing health, nutrition, education and poverty alleviation programmes for children
Implementing voluntary environmental programmes by industry
Implementing waste recycling programmes
Increasing public awareness of sustainable development
Increasing public awareness of sustainable development
Strengthening participation of women in sustainable development programmes
Privatizing the public sector
Implementing development programmes
Improving implementation of programmes against problems
Preventing terrorism
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies