Localizing production accountability

Enabling an individual to assume global responsibility. The effect is to have a local community become a responsible sign to society.
An integral part of balancing utilization of production through control and regulation of allocation and development and information on available resources and distribution, so there is local accountability for worldwide needs.
Tactics include: community cultivation to enable execution of local power and a re-imaging of the cruciality of grassroots man to get his voice disseminated into history; grassroots form to develop local structures which would determine plans of action to meet needs of the community; economic responsibility to provide manpower to redesign time allotment in order to implement futuric models through a redefined image of needs; community uniqueness to develop a communal and responsible life-style of the local man which holds him accountable to the globe through care structures, directed employment, common investments and cooperatives; and global interdependence to create a network of local communities bound together in an equitable globally concerned thrust through concretized care and an exploded awareness of global symbology. An example is local people adopting a communal life-style with accent on community action.
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D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production