Distributing food
Distributing heat
Disseminating news
Distributing goods
Distributing water
Distributing radios
Distributing energy
Distributing bibles
Distributing rights
Distributing surplus
Marketing pesticides
Distributing markets
Distributing any aid
Distributing industry
Distributing networks
Distributing services
Distributing trophies
Distributing resources
Distributing chemicals
Distributing medicines
Distributing equipment
Distributing wallpapers
Distributing world foods
Distributing health care
Marketing natural rubber
Distributing electricity
Distributing cooked meals
Distributing contraceptives
Distributing free medicines
Distributing television sets
Distributing holy scriptures
Distributing global resources
Distributing labour surpluses
Distributing health personnel
Distributing world population
Distributing computer systems
Distributing soft commodities
Distributing graphic promotion
Distributing surplus armaments
Distributing radio frequencies
Distributing political patronage
Distributing private automobiles
Distributing productive capacity
Distributing fresh citrus fruits
Distributing common farm benefits
Distributing scientific documents
Distributing geosynchronous orbits
Distributing theological materials
Distributing agricultural surpluses
Distributing useful small implements
Distributing improved plant material
Distributing available planting space
Distributing practical farm expertise
Distributing important services lists
Distributing computer control systems
Distributing residential rain cisterns
Distributing common goods and services
Distributing cultures of microorganisms
Distributing available electrical energy
Distributing population within countries
Distributing surplus domestic animal production
Distributing land through customary tenure systems
Distributing telecommunications facilities within countries
Providing education material
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies