Adulteration of language with foreign expressions

Despite a major law in 1975, the French government has been unable to prevent the widespread use of English and other expressions, notably in science, technology and business communications. In 1994 the French government introduced a parliamentary bill to ban foreign expressions in virtually all business communications, including advertising messages, if there is any French term or expression carrying the same sense. International conferences may in future not be held in France unless French is one of the official languages.

Comparing the language of old and young Gypsies in Slovakia, it is possible to see how many Romany words are disappearing from common usage. However, not all words escape the language in the same way. For example, while at some places uncle is called by ancient "kako", but from Gypsy "sosoj" (rabbit) became Slovak-based "zajacos", at other places uncle is called by Slovak-derived word "ujcu", but rabbit runs around called "sosoj".

Mixing languages
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