Other Names:
Servile people
Obsequious people

Sycophancy is flattery that is very obedient, or an indication of deference to another, to an excessive or servile degree. A user of sycophancy is referred to as a sycophant or, more commonly, a "yes-man".

Alternative phrases are often used such as:


We ‘go along to get along’ in defiance of what we really value or believe because we don’t want any trouble.  Immanuel Kant calls this sort of excessively deferential attitude servility.  Servility involves downgrading your own values and commitments relative to those of others. Instead of stepping on whomever is in his way to get what he wants, the servile person is, in Kant’s words, someone who ‘makes himself a worm’ and thus ‘cannot complain afterwards if people step on him’.

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