human value


Other Names:
Recognizing water as an essential resource
Providing security
Financing essential clinical health services
Diversifying local economies
Learning essential second language
Furnishing essential food items
Strengthening essential certification process
Witnessing essential ancestral significance
Purchasing essential farming implements
Organizing essential volunteer groups
Providing basic civic services
Meeting essential competency needs
Developing essential abilities
Providing community services
Recognizing essential freedom
Developing public service system
Creating essential actuating schemes
Localizing essential goods supply
Securing essential spares inventory
Providing common public facilities
Sharing essential community machinery
Ensuring essential travel services
Accelerating essential capital availability
Maximizing essential services delivery
Setting priorities for consumption
Implementing basic community organization
Establishing essential external relations
Undertaking public works
Delivering necessary public utilities
Enhancing basic physical design
Facilitating essential citizen health
Installing essential communications systems
Upgrading public works system
Extending essential service programs
Constructing essential service facilities
Acquiring essential vocational skills
Providing fundamental resident care
Upgrading essential agrarian techniques
Supporting essential citizen mobility
Linking essential social services
Supplying essential working tools
Providing essential power to use material resources
Providing essential materials
Providing basic needs
Providing basic needs
Completing vital statistics
Providing sufficient personnel for essential services
Abstaining from personnel for essential services
Providing sufficient essential freedom
Abstaining from essential freedom due to unawareness of actuality
Promoting essential drugs
Providing essential transportation services
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values