human value


Convening a high-level special session to assess Agenda 21 progress
Assessing progress on participation of women in settlements development
Assessing progress on participation of women in settlements development
Establishing indicators for assessing progress in combatting desertification
Promoting social and economic progress in the maritime industry
Reporting progress on elimination of discrimination against women
Reviewing progress made in achieving sustainable consumption patterns
Assessing progress made on integrated environmental accounting
Reviewing progress made in reducing poverty
Setting waste management goals
Reviewing scientific progress
Considering results of Agenda 21 reviews by NGOs
Developing coherent family policy
Measuring sustainability
Promoting technical progress
Reviewing progress on training for sustainable development
Reporting progress on women's rights and roles in sustainable development
Reviewing progress
Facilitating communications
Ensuring corporate social responsibility
Supporting ongoing language progress
Emphasizing economic progress in society
Exposing pseudo-measures of progress
Making progress against underdevelopment
Modernizing world socio-economic order
Believing in scientific progress
Believing in scientific progress
Providing sufficient social progress
Providing sufficient social progress
Abstaining from progress in establishing New International Economic Order
Accelerating progress of children
Fostering penal progress
Exchanging germplasm
Charting global health progress
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values