human value


Other Names:
Researching literacy
Achieving functional cultural integration
Using functional cooperation
Encouraging functional flexibility in employment
Providing additional gathering places
Discerning aesthetic functional patterns
Supplying corporate functional tools
Teaching additional language skills
Expanding necessary learning skills
Arranging functional assignments
Arranging functional assignments
Establishing cultural expectations of gender functions
Expanding functional learning studies
Ensuring basic functional government approaches
Promoting personal functional vitality
Building functional curriculum
Building practical skills development
Building practical skills development
Erecting adequate family dwellings
Ensuring adequate life education
Supplementing applied functional education
Forming functional management practices
Extending functional learning tools
Enhancing functional community environment
Conducting inclusive functional training
Constructing public buildings
Shaping functional physical environment
Providing contemporary functional tools
Introducing functional repair services
Providing functional skills in vulnerable areas
Reinforcing basic functional skills
Sharing functional life skills
Training practical skills
Actualizing functional vacational style
Creating functional personnel force
Creating functional celebrations
Building for functionality
Assisting physically handicapped persons
Assisting physically handicapped persons
Limiting functional abilities
Limiting availability of functional information
Freeing up availability of functional information
Standardizing functional eye examinations
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values