human value


Other Names:
Planning mining industry
Reducing occupational risk in the mining industry
Undermining trade unions
Providing loans to industry/mining
Discrediting firearms use
Rehabilitating mining sites
Undermining need for nuclear testing
Maintaining mining procedures
Rejecting idealism of opposition groups
Frustrating role of opposition
Opposing population control
Undermining opposition
Undermining political opposition
Undermining opposition to science
Undermining opposition to embryo transfer technology
Securing religious support for population control
Undermining opposition to use of natural energy sources
Undermining government opposition to private initiative
Undermining government opposition to population control
Undermining opposition arising from personal bias
Undermining political opposition to administrative action
Undermining religious opposition to public health practices
Undermining opposition to existing social order
Undermining other disciplines
Undermining international organizations
Undermining patriarchal system of oppression
Sabotaging problem resolution
Undermining Western provincialism
Resisting evil
Undermining drug resistance
Undermining passive resistance
Undermining war resistance movements
Undermining resistance to government
Undermining vector resistance to disease
Undermining societal knowledge resistance
Counteracting pesticide resistance
Undermining insect resistance to insecticides
Undermining resistance to charitable giving
Undermining misuse of insecticides
Undermining governmental resistance in response to problems
Subverting through tourism
Subverting collective bargaining
Subverting international agreements
Undermining male supremacy
Undermining tradition-bound rivalries
Exposing underground sabotage networks
Undermining regulations
Undermining unsustainable organizations
Undermining governments abusing human rights
Countering bureaucratic opposition
Preventing environmental degradation from opencast mining
Undermining foreign dictatorship
Undermining economic dictatorship
Undermining military dictatorship
Undermining political dictatorship
Undermining dictatorship of the majority
Challenging dictatorships
Repressing ideological dissension
Undermining economies of scale
Protecting against environmental hazards from mines
Rejecting materialism
Mining quarries
Developing coal and coke industry
Mining solid minerals
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values