human value


Changing gender roles
Reforming policy
Changing wage structures
Modifying climate
Reforming Gross Domestic Product
Undertaking surveys on family planning needs
Adapting labour market to changing market structures
Changing society through theatre
Changing consciousness
Changing standards that discriminate against recycled materials
Changing behaviour
Changing direction
Changing personal attitudes
Changing spiritual attitudes towards relationships
Fostering ability to live harmoniously in a changing environment
Changing prevailing negative attitudes
Providing work structure
Controlling direction-changing machinery
Rehearsing changing leadership image
Changing basic covenantal understandings
Changing judicial guidelines
Changing news presentation
Changing role seminars
Creating alternative society
Updating vocations
Changing prison sentences
Resisting changing routines
Resisting changing agricultural methods
Accepting changing routines
Accepting changing agricultural methods
Changing subsistence approach to capital resources
Changing enterprises
Correcting unhealthy sanitation practices
Changing legal precedent
Changing opinion about gipsies
Changing opinion about sexual obligations
Changing opinion about migration
Changing opinion about socially undesirable activities
Changing unhygienic clothing
Changing luck
Changing anti-community attitudes
Changing habits
Changing management
Changing work
Gender reassignment
Changing status
Changing management approach
Changing names
Adapting to change
Changing destructive youth image
Changing skin colour
Changing personal image
Moving jobs
Improving legislation relating to action against problems
Changing inflation-based monetary systems
Transfering vested rights of changing employers
Changing food consumption patterns
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values